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Google Fit
Google Fit App Screenshot.png
Google Fit running on Android 5.0 "Lollipop"
Developer(s) Google
Initial release October 28, 2014; 5 months ago (2014-10-28)
Stable release 1.51.07 / December 11, 2014; 3 months ago (2014-12-11)
Development status Active
Operating system Android 4.0 and higher
Platform Android
Type Health informatics, Physical fitness
License Open-Source[citation needed]

Google Fit is a health-tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system. It is a single set of APIs that blends data from multiple apps and devices. Google Fit uses sensors in a user's mobile device or activity tracker to record physical fitness activities (such as walking or cycling), which are measured against the user's fitness goals to provide a comprehensive view of their fitness. Confirmed partners include Nike, HTC, LG, Withings, Motorola, Noom, Runtastic, RunKeeper and Polar. Users will be able to choose who their fitness data is shared with and also delete this information at any time.[1]

Google Fit was announced at the Google I/O conference on June 25, 2014, shortly after the release of Apple's iOS 8 HealthKit, which can be considered a direct competitor.[2] The application was launched to the public on October 28, 2014, and is available to all Android users running 4.0 or above.[3]

There are a number of apps integrated with Google Fit. Some examples are Nike Running, Strava, Polar Beat and Aqualert.

Google Fit enabled Applications[4][5][edit]

Application Writes data types Reads data types Devices Compatible Markets
Aqualert:Water Tracker ?  ? Phone, Tablet All
BioMetrIcs height, weight, calories consumed, heart rate, BMR, body fat percentage height, weight, body fat percentage - USA, CAN, UK, NTH, SPN, IRL, NZ, AUT, FIN, FRA, DEU, ICE, MLT, POL, SPN, SWE, CHE
Calorie Counter by FatSecret calories consumed, Weight  ?  ? USA, UK
Calorie Counter - Hearty365  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
Cinch Weight Loss by Ryan Steckler calories expended, heart rate, weight calories expended, heart rate, steps, weight Phone, Tablet, Android Wear All
FitHub  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
Fit Plus height, weight  ?  ? FR, UK
Fitness Buddy  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
Glow - Period Tracker  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
Google Fit height, weight height, weight, steps  ? USA, UK
Heart Rate Plus heart rate  ?  ? USA, UK
Instant heart rate heart rate  ?  ? USA, UK
IpBike ANT+™ Bike Computer heart rate, location, cadence, power, calories, distance delta, speed, activity none phone, tablet All
Jump Rope Wear Counter  ? weight Phone, Android Wear All
Lifesum – Calorie Counter calories consumed  ?  ? USA, UK
MapMyFitness Hike, Ride, Run, Walk, Workout Trainer calories, distance delta  ? Armour39, Bluetooth Smart HRM, ? USA, UK
MyTracks location  ? Bluetooth Classic HRM USA, UK
Nike+ Running calories, distance delta, location, speed, steps  ?  ? USA, UK
Noom Coach  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
PlexFit for Pebble  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
Polar Beat - Fitness Coach  ?  ? Polar Heart Rate Strap USA, UK
Runkeeper calories, location, weight  ?  ? USA, UK
Runtastic distance delta  ? Runtastic Combo HRM USA, UK
Strava distance delta  ?  ? USA, UK
Sworkit Personal Trainer workout activity none Phone, Tablet All
Wear Fitness Personal Trainer  ?  ?  ? USA, UK
What's My Heart Rate heart rate  ?  ? USA, UK
Withings Health Mate weight, ? weight, ?  ? USA, UK
Sport Gear Tracker heart rate, calories, distance delta, location, speed  ? Phone, Tablet, Android Wear All

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