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Goombah is the Americanized spelling of cumpa, a Southern Italian dialectic version of the Italian word compare (masculine "friend"). In many Southern Italian dialects (see Neapolitan language and Sicilian language) "c"s are pronounced like "g"s and "p"s are pronounced like "b"s. The feminine form commare therefore sounded like "goommody", sometimes shortened to "goomah".

These terms were used to designate a close friend, but not a relative, who was in your wedding party or whose wedding party you were in, or one who was a godparent to your child or if you were a godparent to one of theirs. When used by non-Italians, it is often derogatory in nature, implying a stereotypical Italian-American male or Mafioso.

Goombah or Goomba may also refer to:

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  • paisan, interchangeable non-pejorative slang for an Italian American