Goose With Pepper

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Goose With Pepper is a radio drama by Frederick Bradnum. The play was originally written for BBC Radio 4, airing on 17 September 1972.[1] The BBC said of it "Mr Bradnum's new play has that astonishing ease and easy depth that come with maturity; technique is undetectable; humanity, occasionally in the past veiled by self-consciousness, shines through, clear and warm."[2] In August 1975 the play was dramatised for the theatre by David Ambrose.[3] In 1975 it was also adapted into a TV movie by Ambrose and Troy Kennedy-Martin and directed by John Jacobs. It starred Kenneth More, Nigel Davenport and Maria Aitken.[4] The British Film Institute summarizes the plot as "the peaceful rural life of a retired Brigadier is shattered by the arrival of the Company Sergeant-Major on his doorstep."[4]


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