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The Gopang are one of six Baloch tribes or clans called "ataks".[1] These ataks function mainly to denote ancestry and members consider themselves to be low in the social hierarchy.[1]

They are found in the Rojhan Balochistan, Kamber district of Sindh province. Some also live in Kachhi, Balochistan and in the Rahim Yar Khan district.


They were thrown out from balochistan by Mir Chakar the great due to disobedience in tribal war.Most of them migrated to Sindh and Punjab and few remained at the outskirts of Balochistan. In Gopang Tribal culture, the family name is carried forward for the eldest son, who is also the leader of the family.

Gopang live in lower Punjab villages named Kacha Sabzani, Abad Pur, Rukan Pur, Chachran Shareef, all of Dist. Rahimyar Khan. They also live in some areas of Abbottabad, and in Rahimyar Khan itself (bahad0ur pur (Basti Ranjhy and there is Sardar Ranjhy Khan) – a famous town in Rahimyar Khan). The Gopangs stronghold is in Dist. Rajan Pur, Rojhan, Dera Ghazi Khan and also Bangulwali in district Muzaffargarh. The language which is spoken there is Seraiki.


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