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Former Gora municipality in Kosovo, marked in blue
Detailed map of Gora Region between Kosovo and Albania

Gora is a geographical region in southern Kosovo and northeastern Albania, inhabited by Albanians and a Gorani and Bosniak minority. The name "Gora" is a Slavic word for "mountain" or "forest".

Between 1992 and 1999, the part of Gora in Kosovo was a municipality, and its population was 17,574 people according to 1991 census. Today, the region is part of the municipality of Dragaš in Kosovo. The Albanian part of Gora is included in Shishtavec municipality.


Gora is mentioned for the first time in 1348 in the edicts of Emperor Stefan Dushan as a zhupa of the Serbian Empire, composed out of seven villages that Dushan gifted to his Monastery of Saint Archangel near Prizren.[citation needed]

Its second mention is in 1452/5 in the Turkish cadastral tax censuses as the "Nachy of Gora"[clarification needed] within the Ottoman Empire, forming part of the Ottoman province of Macedonia.[citation needed]

The Ottoman defter from 1591 registers Gora as inhabited exclusively by Serbs, Opolje to the north is Albanian populated.[1]


According to 1991 census data, the population of the Gora municipality was composed of:


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