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Gora and Badal were legendary warriors from Chittorgarh Mewar who fought bravely for rescue of Rawal Ratan Singh. Songara Chauhan Gora and Badal were the Uncle-Nephew (Kaka bhatija) duo who hailed from the Songara Chauhan kingdom of Jalore.

In 1298 Alauddin Khilji by deceit had taken Ratan Singh ruler of Chittorgarh as prisoner. In ransom Khilji wanted nothing else but Padmini. A war council was held in which Padmini herself decided that Ratan Singh had to be rescued. The heroics were left to Gora and his nephew Badal who devised a plan for Ratan Singh’s liberation. Word was sent out to the Khilji camp that Padmini would be delivered to him the day his army pulled out of their trenches. But there was a catch – her entourage of female servants and friends would accompany Padmini in 50 palanquins.

The palanquin's were armed with the best of the Rajput warriors with two swords each. When Padmini's palanquin, which was occupied by Gora reached Ratan's tent, he asked Rawal to mount the horse and go back to the fort. Then Gora gave a signal and all the Rajput warriors came out of their palanquins and attacked the Muslim soldiers cutting them to pieces. Gora reached Khilji's tent and was about to kill the sultan when Khilji moved his concubine in front of himself. Gora, being a Rajput, could not kill an innocent women and these few seconds were enough for Khilji's guards to kill Gora from behind.

The story of Gora Badal has been depicted on a wall painting in Eklingji temple in Udaipur. Two dome shaped houses have been constructed in their name known as Gora-Badal Mahal, south of Padmini Mahal, in Chittorgarh Fort. [1]

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