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Gordon-Smith Guitars is a manufacturer of hand-crafted electric guitars based in Partington near Manchester, England. They are the UK's longest-established electric guitar manufacturer[1] and have been called the English equivalent to Gibson on that basis.[2]

The company was founded in 1979 by Gordon Whitham and John Smith who combined parts of their names for the company name. Only the Smith part of the partnership remains now[clarification needed], assisted by his wife Linda.

Gordon-Smith GSII
Gordon-Smith GSII Headstock

The company aims to produce quality guitars for working musicians and say that they make 'guitars, not furniture'.[3]

Gordon-Smith Guitars are among the highest-rated manufacturers, according to the Ethical Consumer's table for use of sustainable woods in guitar construction.[4]


The Gordon-Smith range includes models clearly inspired by classic guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul Junior, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Explorer, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster. The company also produces original designs such as the Galaxy. All models currently use a brass nut, compared to the plastic nut used by many other manufacturers.

The company offers many options for customising guitars, including a choice of hardware and finishes, single- or double-cutaway and left- or right-handed guitars. Twelve-string and double-necked versions of the range are also available.

Gordon-Smith produce their own pickups in-house.[5][6]

Their humbucker pickups are coil-tapped as standard to give players access to a broader palette of sounds.


Mike Smith (Warrington Cheshire)uses GS GTRS The company does not offer any celebrity endorsements. Guitarists known to have used Gordon-Smith guitars include:


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