Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

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Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School Gordon Graydon Logo.jpg
1490 Odgen Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario, L5E 2H8, Canada
School board Peel District School Board
Religious affiliation Public
Superintendent Anthony K. Edwards
Principal Doreen Johnson
Grades 9 - 12
Language English
Mascot The Hawk
Colours Green, Gold         
Founded 1956
Enrollment 1,090[1] (January 31, 2012)
Homepage http://www.gordongraydon.com, http://ibtgraydon.com

Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School, "Gordon Graydon", "GGMSS", or simply "Graydon" for short, is a Canadian high school serving Grades 9 to 12, located at 1490 Odgen Avenue in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Gordon Graydon is best known for housing the IBT Program and currently stands as one of the top ranking public schools in the Peel board.[citation needed]. The school opened in 1957, and celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 26, 2007. It was named after Gordon Graydon, a Canadian politician who died in 1953. The school's slogan is "Palma Per Ardua": "Success through Hard Work".

Gordon Graydon is home to the International Business and Technology Program (IBT), a local program that places an emphasis on business and technology skills to supplement students' academic studies. The IBT program offers advanced/enhanced courses for students in the humanities and sciences, in addition to those in business and technology. The program emphasizes entrepreneurial and leadership skills, along with intellectual creativity. The school is home of the only Graphic Design Program (Flexography) in Canada. The school also places heavy emphasis on education, archery, boy's soccer, and girl's volleyball.

The majority of the students are IBT students; the remainder consist of academic (local) and vocational students. In the first two years of high school, IBT students and academics have separate classes. As of 2013, the grade 9 academic program is canceled due to low enrollment. Academic students are now encouraged to attend nearby Cawthra Park Secondary School.

The IBT Program is a local program hosted by Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary school that is based on education, and technology. The majority of students get to school by the use the GGAM bus program, while minority come by public transit, carpooling, car, or walking.

International, Business & Technology Program (IBTP)[edit]

The International, Business and Technology (IBT) program is a program that enriches and extends the traditional secondary school curriculum in order to prepare students for the challenges of an increasingly complex world. It continues the program offered by middle school, Allan A. Martin. [2]

Grade 8 Graydon Outlook (GO) Conference[edit]

The Graydon Outlook Conference is an overnight conference designed to welcome new and upcoming grade 8 students into the IBT Program. The conference is set up much like a leadership conference where the students are split up into groups with Leadership Developers guiding them through sessions. The sessions are created to foster leadership skills and allow the students to make friends and become comfortable with each other, so they will have an easy transition into high school.

Grade 9 Laptop Program[edit]

The Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School's laptop program is only available for IBT students. The program allows students to use their laptop in their Geography, English, Science, and Business classes. The subject material and courses themselves are more advanced and the students will learn additional information using a computer. The laptop program is most beneficial to the IBT business course.

Grade 10 Laptop Program[edit]

The Grade 10 Laptop Program was added in the 2009/2010 year. It is identical to the Grade 9 Laptop Program. The Laptop Program is available in the Business, History, English, and Science courses.

Grade 11/12 Laptop Program[edit]

The laptop program in grade 9 and 10 is removed in grade 11 and 12, although there is still allowance to use it for the further years in high school and continues to be very useful.

School Traditions[edit]

There are many traditions at Gordon Graydon, including:

  • Grade Nine Olympics: A day of fun and games to welcome the new Grade Nine students . The event occurs at the end of September and is run by senior students in the Student Athletic Association (SAA).
  • Talent Show: Students of Gordon Graydon organize, plan, and perform in a talent show. This occurs during the second semester of the year.
  • GO Conference: The Graydon Outlook or "GO" Conference occurs near the end of second semester for IBT students entering the school in the following year, and is run by the IBT Leadership Council.
  • SAC Elections: The whole school gathers in the gym to elect the following year's student government after watching candidates' speeches. Classes return to their homeroom where they cast ballots.

School Clubs[edit]

Gordon Graydon is host to many different clubs and teams. Students receive one "activity point" for 10 hours of extracurricular participation, and the school gives awards to those who reach a certain number of points.

Activity Point Awards[edit]

  • 25 points: Junior Activity Award
  • 40 points: Senior Activity Award
  • 70 points: The Principal's Letter
  • 90 points: Athletic Award
  • 90 points: Club Activity Award

Students earn one regular point for each ten hours of involvement with a particular team or club.

Clubs at Graydon[edit]

  • Graydon Chess Club: One of the newest clubs in the school (founded in 2005), the Graydon Chess Club became the school's largest club at over 100 members in 2006. The club, its founder, and its members have been recognized for proficient organization and consistently dominating the Peel High School Chess Tournament, which is also hosted by the club. The club also held a large party in 2006 for retired chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov's 43rd birthday.
  • Dance Club: A student-run club that teaches different styles dancing. This includes but is not limited to b-boying, krumping, popping, and choreography.
  • Graydon Mock Trial Team: Students are given a scenario that outlines an alleged criminal offence. They act out the roles of crown attorneys, defense lawyers, witnesses and the accused. This exercise demonstrates how Canadian law not only guarantees rights but also imposes responsibilities on society members. Participants learn about the criminal code, the rules of evidence and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The tournament allows students to develop public speaking skills, build self-confidence and learn how to effectively organize and deliver oral and written presentations. The Mock Trial Team has places top three for the past 6 years and has been one of the two teams that compete on an international level.
  • Graydon DECA Chapter: Graydon's chapter of the internationally recognized marketing and business competition club. Frequently competes at the provincial competition in Toronto, Ontario. Many students from Gordon Graydon place well in the provincial competition and further advance to the international event. Graydon DECA Chapter had the largest chapter in Ontario in 2010/2011 term, with over 120 members.
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA): A social and supportive group for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students, and their allies. Responsible for the annual event the Coffee Haus.
  • Hawk Talk: Responsible for creating the school's newspaper.
  • IBT Leadership Council: Initiated in 2006, it organizes roadshows, Grade conferencess, GO conference, Grade 9 information sessions, keeping IBTs updated about portfolio checks, and taking care of many aspects of the IBT program.
  • Latin Jazz Ensemble: Participates in the annual Christmas concert with Jazz and Latin pieces. Also performs regularly in the Skylight Cafe at retired senior lunches.
  • Model United Nations: Model UN club has weekly discussions and debates about international affairs, current economic issues. They also compete in various Model UN Conferences.
  • Photography Club: Members discover photography techniques, as well as learn how to utilize Adobe Photoshop to enhance their photos. Best photographs are displayed at the Sky Light restaurant at school.
  • Prom Committee: Organizes the Grade 12 Prom by booking halls, selecting the theme, decorations, and menu. Club members selected through application procedure.
  • Radio Graydon: Conducts the morning announcement and creates the broadcast presentations on the televisions around the school
  • Robotics: This is officially a club, though considered more of a team. Responsible for building a robot that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. It is divided amongst different teams: Mechanical, Programming/Electrical (previously separate teams) and several others. Graydon's robotics team has been recognized at many events and competitions, making them recipients of several awards for their well-designed robots.
  • Semi-Formal Committee: Organizes the annual semi-formal open to all grades.
  • Student Athletic Association (SAA): A student run association in charge of planning several athletic events such as extra curricular activities, Grade 9 Olympics and the athletic banquet at the end of the year.
  • Student Activity Council (SAC): A student council dedicated to planning student activities and being the student voice. SAC is also in charge of funding all school clubs and teams. SAC also organizes school dances, spirit days, Sizzle, Carnival and the Semi-formal.
  • Theatre Graydon / Drama Club: Puts on many shows for the student body and the neighbouring community. The cast and crew work tirelessly, putting many late nights in to their club. Most recently, the students worked for many months to put on an excellent production of West Side Story.[3]
  • "Animation Club": Graydon's club that is responsible for foreign affairs, national defense, and animation.

Athletics at Graydon[edit]

Gordon Graydon has many athletic teams, including the following sports: basketball, tennis, archery, badminton, swimming, field hockey, volleyball, soccer, rugby union, baseball, softball, and many more. An athletic banquet is held each year to celebrate accomplishments in athletics.


  • Archery
  • Badminton
  • Ball Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball (Bantam Boys/Junior Boys/Senior Boys/Varsity Girls)
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Hockey (Ice hockey (Boys), Field (Girls))
  • Soccer (Varsity Girls/Varsity Boys)
  • Swimming
  • Tennis (Junior/Senior)
  • Table Tennis Team
  • Volleyball (Junior Boys/Girls, Senior Boys/Girls)

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