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Gordon Lyon
Gordon "Fyodor" Lyon.jpg
Lyon in San Francisco, California
Residence Palo Alto, California
Other names Fyodor Vaskovich
Known for Nmap

Gordon Lyon (also known by his pseudonym Fyodor Vaskovich) is a network security expert, open source programmer, writer, and a hacker. He authored the open source Nmap Security Scanner and numerous books, web sites, and technical papers focusing on network security. Lyon is a founding member of the Honeynet Project and Vice President of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.

Personal life[edit]

Lyon has been active in the network security community since the mid-1990s. His handle, Fyodor, was taken from Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Most of his programming is done in the C, C++, and Perl programming languages. He lives in Palo Alto, California.

Web sites[edit]

Lyon maintains several network security web sites:

  • Nmap.Org — Documents the Nmap Security Scanner and provides it for download.
  • SecTools.Org — The top 100 network security tools (ranked by thousands of Nmap users)
  • SecLists.Org — Archive of the most common security mailing lists
  • Insecure.Org — His main site, offering security news/updates, exploit world archive, and other misc. security resources.

Published books[edit]

Lyon has written and co-authored several books:


Public interviews with Lyon/Vaskovich have been posted by SecurityFocus, Slashdot, Whitedust, Zone-H, TuxJournal, Safemode, and Google. Many of these provide more personal details than his official bio page does.


Lyon attends and speaks at many security conferences. He has presented at DEFCON, CanSecWest, FOSDEM, IT Security World, Security Masters' Dojo, ShmooCon, IT-Defense, SFOBug, and others.

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