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Edward Gordon Selwyn (1885-1959) was an English Anglican priest and theologian, who served as Warden of Radley College from 1913 to 1919; Rector of Red Hill, near Havant; and then as Dean of Winchester from 1930 to 1959. He wrote sermons and other books and was the editor of the liberal catholic journal Theology from 1920.[1]

Selwyn was born in Liverpool,[2] the eldest son of the Rev. Edward Carus Selwyn, Headmaster of Uppingham School (died 1918), and his wife Lucy Ada, née Arnold. He had four brothers and two sisters.[3][4] He was son-in-law to Sir Edwyn Hoskyns, bishop of Southwell.


Essays Catholic and Critical
  • Essays Catholic and Critical; by members of the Anglican Communion; edited by Edward Gordon Selwyn. x, 452 p. London: S.P.C.K., 1926 Contributors: E. O. James, A. E. Taylor, A. E. J. Rawlinson, W. L. Knox, L. S. Thornton, E. C. Hoskyns, J. K. Mosley, E. J. Bicknell, K. E. Kirk, E. Milner-White, J. H. Thompson, N. P. Williams and W. Spens. (three editions: 1926, 1926 & 1929). "An influential volume of fifteen essays by a group of Anglo-Catholic scholars on leading themes of Christian belief, with special attention to the issues raised by recent Biblical studies and philosophy."--Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (1957)[5] Selwyn's particular contribution, apart from his editorial role, involved an attempt to uphold the rationality of belief in the Incarnation without accompanying commitment to the dogma of the Virgin Birth.
Other works
  • 1915: The Teaching of Christ: an attempt to appreciate the main lineaments of the teaching of Christ in their historical proportion. London: Longmans, Green
  • 1919: First Christian Ideas; by Edward Carus Selwyn; edited, with an introductory memoir, by his eldest son. London: John Murray
  • 1920: Theology: a monthly journal of historic Christianity (editor) (published bimonthly since 1976)
  • 1923: The First Book of the Irenicum of John Forbes of Corse: a contribution to the theology of re-union; translated and edited with introduction, notes & appendices, by Edward Gordon Selwyn. Cambridge: University Press
  • 1925: The Approach to Christianity. London: Longmans, Green
  • 1936: Thoughts on Worship & Prayer. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (based on four lectures given in 1935)
  • 1937: History of Christian Thought: a volume of essays; edited by Edward Gordon Selwyn. London: Centenary Press
    • A Short History of Christian Thought: a volume of essays; 2nd ed., rev. London: Geoffrey Bles, 1949
  • 1938: The White Horseman, and other sermons. London: S.P.C.K.
  • 1940: The Epistle of Christian Courage: studies in the First Epistle of St. Peter. London: A. R. Mowbray
  • 1946: The First Epistle of St. Peter: the Greek text; with introduction, notes and essays by Edward Gordon Selwyn. London: Macmillan


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Church of England titles
Preceded by
Holden Hutton
Dean of Winchester
1930 – 1959
Succeeded by
Oswin Gibbs-Smith