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Gore may refer to:

In reference to injury[edit]

  • Graphic violence visually depicted, especially the realistic depiction of serious physical injuries involving blood, flesh, bone and internal organs
  • Splatter film, a horror genre also known as "gore film"
  • Impalement on an animal horn, especially in bull fighting

In arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Gore (surveying), an unincorporated area which is not part of any town and has limited self-government

In Africa[edit]

In North America[edit]

In the UK[edit]

Other places[edit]


  • Al Gore (born 1948), environmental activist and US politician (45th Vice President of the United States, Tennessee senator)
  • Albert Gore, Sr. (1907–1998), United States Senator from Tennessee; father of Al Gore
  • Bill Gore (1912–1986), founder of W. L. Gore and Associates, makers of Gore-Tex
  • Catherine Gore (1799–1861), British novelist and dramatist
  • Charles Gore (1853–1932), English divine and Anglican bishop who founded the Community of the Resurrection
  • Charles Gore (artist) (1759–1807), landscape artist, Grand Tour traveler
  • Francis Gore (1769–1852), a British officer and colonial administrator
  • Frank Gore (born 1983), American football player
  • Frederick Gore (1913–2009), British painter
  • Gordon Gore (1913–1987), American football player
  • Harold Gore (1891–1969), American college sports coach
  • Ian Gore (born 1968), English footballer
  • Jack Gore 1899–1971, Welsh international rugby player
  • James Howard Gore (1856–1939), American mathematician
  • Kristin Gore (born June 5, 1977) American author and screenwriter, daughter of Al and Tipper Gore
  • Lesley Gore (born Lesley Sue Goldstein, 1946–2015), American singer
  • Martin L. Gore (born 23 July 1961), English songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboardist and member of synthpop band Depeche Mode
  • Mrinal Gore (1928–2012), Indian socialist and Member of Parliament
  • Paul Gore, several individuals:
  • Richard Corben (born 1940), American illustrator and comic book artist who uses Gore as a non-de-plume
  • Shane Gore (born 1981), English footballer
  • Spencer Gore (sportsman) (1850–1906), cricketer, and first Wimbledon tennis championship winner
  • Spencer Gore (artist) (1878–1914), British painter
  • Thomas Gore (1870–1949), one of the first two United States senators from Oklahoma after statehood
  • Tipper Gore (born 1948), author, photographer, former Second Lady of the United States as wife of Al Gore
  • Gore Verbinski (born 1964), American film director, screenwriter, producer and musician
  • Gore Vidal (1925–2012) American writer known for his essays, novels, screenplays, and Broadway plays

Other uses[edit]

  • Gore (heraldry), a roughly triangular charge upon a shield in a coat of arms
  • Gore (road), a narrow, triangular area of land often found at road merges and diverges
  • Gore (segment), a triangular piece of cloth or metal used in three-dimensional fabrication
  • Gore (surveying), an unincorporated area which has limited self-government
  • W. L. Gore and Associates, maker of Gore-Tex fabrics and other industrial products
  • HMS Gore (K481), a British frigate which served in the Royal Navy from 1943 to 1946

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