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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Goregrind, death metal
Years active 1997–2008
Associated acts The Rotted, Extreme Noise Terror, Regorge, Saturnian, Cradle of Filth, Theatres des Vampires, Gorebound
Website www.gorerotted.com
Members Ben "Goreskin"
Tim "Fluffy"

Gorerotted was a British death metal band formed in 1997 which split up in January 2008 and reformed with new members as The Rotted. Gorerotted's lyrics and song titles were largely inspired by horror films and serial killers. The band's song titles often incorporated humorous rhymes or puns such as "Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten", "Put Your Bits In A Concrete Mix", and "Only Tools and Corpses", a pun on the popular British sitcom, Only Fools and Horses, the latter beginning with a suspiciously similar introductory drumbeat to the sitcom's theme music.

Musically, Gorerotted employed a distinctive dual vocal style. Originally with Ben delivering a deep, death growl-style, and Mr. Gore providing contrast to this with a high-pitched yelling and screaming. When Wilson joined as the band's bass player on the album Only Tools and Corpses he also added to the vocals by delivering high-pitched growls and additional screams, thus the band had 3 different voices going at times. After Mr. Gore's departure in 2004, Wilson took over his vocal parts in the older songs. The guitar riffs are often fast and technical, with the bass usually doubling these parts. Both the guitars and the bass are tuned down one whole-step (guitars are tuned to D), to achieve a heavier sound. The drumming is extremely fast, often making use of blast beats and double bass.

Ben Goreskin and Tim Carley of Gorerotted are currently working under the name The Rotted and are signed to Metal Blade Records and have previously released albums on Relapse Records, IBD Records and Deepsend Records.

Jason "Mr. Gore" Merle & Graham "Nutty Strangeways" Hodis, the 2 original vocalists of Gorerotted, are currently working under the name Gorebound and released an EP under the project entitled "It's Choppin' Time" in the summer of 2010.


Band members[edit]

Last Line-Up[edit]

  • Ben "Goreskin"
  • Gian Pyres- Lead Guitar
  • Tim "Fluffy Offalstench" Carley
  • Phil Wilson - Bass & Vocals
  • "Junky" Jon Rushforth (a.k.a. Rushy) - Drums

Other members[edit]

  • Jason "Mr. Gore" Merle - 2nd Vocalist (1997–2004)
  • David C. "Dicksplash" Hëwitt - Lead Guitar (1999–2001)
  • Steve "Mr. Smith" Smith - Bass (1997–2001)
  • Graham "Nutty Strangeways" Hodis - Vocals ("Her Gash I Did Slash" demo 1998)
  • Matt Hoban (a.k.a. Robin Pants) - Lead Guitar (2001–2008)

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