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Gormiti: The Invincible Lords of Nature” (Gli Invincibili Signori della Natura), later changed to "Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!", is a toy property based primarily on 2-inch tall non-articulated mini figures with a trading card game play aspect.[1] The toys were created in Italy in 2005 by Grani & Partners/Giochi Preziosi (company).

TV series[edit]

The television series started on October 5, 2009 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and Latin America on Disney XD of the year 2011. The TV series consisted of three seasons, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!, Gormiti: The Supreme eclipse era! and Gormiti: The Neorganic Evolution. Gormiti: The Supreme Eclipse Era returning to the USA and Canada in Summer 2012.[citation needed]

On January 3, 2011, Giochi Preziosi Group launched its series Gormiti Lords of Nature Return — co-produced by Giochi Preziosi Group and Marathon Media in Brazil. The series is the number one show on TV Globinho. Gormiti has been well known among boys in Brazil, long before the television show appeared. There are already over 200 Gormiti licensed toys on the market in Brazil.[2]

The show was cancelled in the U.S. due to low ratings;[3] however, a second series, Gormiti Nature Unleashed, began airing in Italy in 2012.

List of Gormiti characters[edit]

Toby Tripp

Nick's older brother and somewhat lazy. The lead protagonist and a popular character, a boy with blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. He would rather 'go Gormiti' than stay as a Keeper in the Primal Pad. He can become the Lord of Water and can control water from rivers and seas. In Curse of the Crown it's discovered that Toby's fear is spiders and in Going Buggy he is forced to face his fear head on to save his friends, allowing him in the end to conquer his fear of spiders (although he still gets startled by them). He loves playing football and playing tricks on his friends. He has a love interest with Jessica from season 3 onwards. Favorite attack - 'Aqua Blast'. Voiced by: Donn A. Nordean

Nick Tripp

The co-protagonist of the series, a boy with brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes, wearing glasses and naturally is the nerd of the team. A counter to Toby, he is tidy by nature, worries about his studies and likes to observe proper manners and protocols on Earth and in Gorm. Can become disappointed when he can't be the Keeper in the Primal Pad (and guide his friends through the Gorm world), since he's the one who studies up on it the most. He is Toby's younger brother. Often at odds with Toby, differences are usually reconciled by the end of each episode. He is the Lord of the Earth, so he can control the rocks and stones. Favorite attack - 'Seismic Smash'. Voiced by: Sam Riegel

Lucas Wanson

A boy with brown hair, brown skin and green eyes that is a great lover of nature. He loves gardening school. He is the Lord of the Forest and can control the trees and plants. He has a disproportionate obsession with the environment and loves flowers, trees and birds. He is oblivious of Gina's feelings for him. Favorite attack - 'Jungle Attack'. Voiced by: Henry Banks

Jessica Herleins

The only girl in the group. Also blonde, fair skin, and blue-eyed. She is optimistic and never afraid to face the Gormiti. Toby gets her mad sometimes. She is the Lady of the Air (although everyone calls her Gormiti "Lord of the Air", most likely for the fact that the majority of the Lords of Nature are male) so she can fly and control the winds. Although often engaged in fashion-related occurrences, she is always there for her friends and above all else when there are problems, does not hesitate to risk her life to save them. She has a love interest with Toby from season 3 onwards. Favorite attack - 'Wind Attack'. Voiced by: Melissa Fahn


He is a small, sarcastic talking dinosaur who prefers to be called a terrible lizard that lives in the primal pad and acts as the kids' link between Earth and Gorm. When there is trouble in Gorm, he goes to find the kids and always risks being seen and/or startles the kids when he appears (and usually gets startled himself by their initial shock). He has a habit of running off when there is danger. Voiced by: ???

Paula Pickney

A girl who appeared in a few episodes in the first season, she always tries to catch Toby, Lucas, Nick and Jessica. She thought they were aliens (actually it was a joke that the boys had spread to get rid of her). In episode 25 "The dimensional rift I" (which has more importance) a giant whirlwind carries Paula to Gorm, and finds out that Toby, Lucas, Nick and Jessica were the Lords of Nature and Razzle is a talking lizard. Did test shots with her camera and then showed them to her brother Ike, but fortunately the photos had been deleted and in the end she was unable to catch them. Voiced by: ???

Ike Pickney

A classmate of Nick and Archaeology Club Component is always cracking jokes in bad taste and hates Toby for unknown reasons and usually tends to be his bodyguard. He is the older brother of Paula. He also appears only in the first season. Voiced by: ???

Gina Louren

She is the best friend of Jessica. Like Ike and Paula, only appears in the first season and a goal in the third. She is also obsessed with fashion, like Jessica and is always there when needed. She is in love with Lucas and has no problems showing it and is also the football team's mascot for the soccer team Toby and Nick are on.

List of Gormiti episodes[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 October 5, 2009 November 9, 2009
2 26 TBA TBA
3 13 TBA TBA

Season 1[edit]

Episode Original airdate
The Sulfur Stone October 5, 2009
Lucas Goes Green October 6, 2009
The Keeper Kept October 7, 2009
Tidal Wave Goodbye October 8, 2009
Curse of the Crown October 9, 2009
Beastly October 12, 2009
Outsiders October 13, 2009
Black Salt Diamonds October 14, 2009
Underwater Extinction October 15, 2009
Root of Evil October 16, 2009
Shock to the System October 19, 2009
Sick Day October 20, 2009
The Fog October 21, 2009
The Harvest October 22, 2009
Manners October 23, 2009
Crops of Wrath October 26, 2009
Tunnel Vision October 27, 2009
Toad House Blues October 28, 2009
Lords of Fate October 29, 2009
Sting of Insectus October 30, 2009
Super Gormiti November 2, 2009
Labyrinth of Chaos November 3, 2009
The Supreme of Darkness November 4, 2009
Dazed November 5, 2009
Slip Rift: Part I November 6, 2009
Slip Rift: Part II November 9, 2009

Season 2[edit]

Episode Title
27. The Rot of Gorm
28. Going Buggy
29. The Crystal Curse
30. The Forgotten Valley
31. Refracting Rock
32. Senseless
33. The Ring of Eternity
34. Diamonds are a Evil Lord's Best Friend
35. Diverted
36. Exchange of Powers
37. Battle from Within
38. Hibernation
39. Solitary Egg
40. Grounded
41. Crushed
42. Wingless
43. Forest Asunder
44. Flight of the Snow Eagle
45. The Pearl of the Deep
46. Tripping Up
47. Power of the North
48. Power of the South
49. Power of the West
50. Power of the East
51. Eternal Eclipse: Part I
52. Eternal Eclipse: Part II

Season 3[edit]

Episode Title
53. Rebirth
54. Dust of the Wind
55. Forces of the Water
56. Forest of Fire
57. The Curse of the Winds
58. Dark Water
59. Lava Rocks
60. Unseen Danger
61. Underground Attack
62. The Poisoned Forest
63. Magor's Fog
64. Metal Leaves
65. The Passageway

Video game[edit]

A Gormiti video game for the Nintendo DS and the Wii was released by Konami in September 2010.[4]


The first season was released on DVD by Clear Vision in March 2011.,[5] with the 2nd season being release on the 18th of Feb 2013. No plans on releasing the 3rd.

All three season can also be located on HULU


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