Gorontaloan people

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Gorontalo people
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Een Alfur vrouw uit Gorontalo Noord-Celebes TMnr 10005743.jpg
A Gorontalo woman, 1913.
Total population
1,400,494 (2010 census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Gorontalo: 934,731
Central Sulawesi: 474,016
North Sulawesi: 168,025
Related ethnic groups

Gorontaloan or Hulandalo people are the native people to the northern part of Sulawesi. They are the most populous ethnicity in the Minahassa Peninsula. The Gorontaloans are predominantly Muslim.[2] Their native language is Gorontaloan.

The Gorontaloans have traditionally been concentrated in the provinces of Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, and the northern part of Central Sulawesi.


A circumcision event of the Gorontalo people during the Dutch East Indies.

The name Gorontalo probably derives from much terms, such as:

  • Hulontalangio, the name of a tribe who lives in an area
  • Hua Lolontalango, means a cave used for two-way travel
  • Hulutalangi, means noble
  • Huluo lo Tola, means a place where Snakehead reproduces
  • Pongolatalo or Pohulatalo, means a waiting place
  • Gunung Telu, means the third mountain
  • Hunto, means a place always flowed with water

Gorontaloans sometime refer themselves as Hulandalo, a term well known in Gorontalo and North Sulawesi, which usually used to refer the region of Gorontalo or the native people from Gorontalo.


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