Gorskaya road interchange

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Gorskaya road interchange
To Sestroretsk, to Vyborg
To Sestroretsk
Bus stop
To Alexandrovskaya
Bolshaya Gorskaya street
To Kronstadt
Bus stop
To Parnas
Bus stop
To Lisy Nos
To Finlyandsky Rail Terminal
To Lisy Nos, to St. Petersburg

Gorskaya road interchange is a traffic intersection providing mutual crossing of two highways, one street and a trunk-railway in different levels.

Traffic intersection building has carried out Open Society «Mostostroitelny trest № 6» (holding "GSK") in 1999-2001.[1]

The outcome connects among themselves Saint Petersburg Ring Road with an exit on Saint Petersburg Dam and highway M10. As a part of outcome Saint Petersburg Ring Road passes over Sestroretsk line and Bolshaya Gorskaya street; Under overhead Saint Petersburg Ring Road settles down Gorskaya railway station.


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