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Gossip Cop
Web address http://www.gossipcop.com/
Type of site
Owner Gossip Cop Media
Created by Michael Lewittes (Co-Founder), Dan Abrams (Co-Founder), Daniel Jacobson (Assistant Editor)
Launched July 2009
Current status Active

Gossip Cop is a website based in New York City that patrols the celebrity gossip industry in search of debunking fake/untrue rumors that are posted in print or online. Co-Founders Michael Lewittes and Dan Abrams have been on Good Morning America and The Today Show[1] the morning of the launch (in July 2009) to promote the website. The site features a 0-10 truth scale for each article which determines the truth value of the particular rumor. A low rating of 0 would debunk the rumor entirely and a high rating of 10 would mean that the rumor is in fact true. Although the website does publish untrue and or fabricated stories very often and tries to sell them as the truth.

The website's launch was received with significant publicity, with features in The New York Times,[2] ABC's Good Morning America,[3] and People Magazine.[4] It quickly rose to become one of the top 10,000 American sites in traffic.[5][better source needed]


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