Got 2 Believe

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For the 2013 Television series, see Got to Believe.
Got 2 Believe
Directed by Olivia Lamasan
Starring Claudine Barretto
Rico Yan
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release dates
February 27, 2002
Language Tagalog, English,
Box office 112.23 million

Got 2 Believe is a romantic-comedy film starring Claudine Barretto who plays a wedding planner and the late Rico Yan playing a wedding photographer. The title originated from the popular song "Got to Believe in Magic" performed by David Pomeranz, and revived by Filipino band Side A, which was also the movie's theme song. It was a box office success in the Philippines. The movie was directed by Olivia Lamasan and produced by Star Cinema, the film production arm of ABS-CBN. This would be Rico Yan's last film before his death in March later that year.


Wedding coordinator Toni (Claudine), is a girl who believes in true love. At 25, she is considered to be an "old maid" by her married sisters, aunts, and friends. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, Toni has yet to find Mr. Right. On the other hand is Lorenz (Rico), a wedding photographer who doesn't believe in happy endings. He always catches Toni unaware with her distinctly expressive yet embarrassing moments. To make matters worse, these photos were published, making Toni the renowned "perennial bridesmaid." Lorenz' problems become worse when his boss offers a boost in his career, so long as he makes a pictoral article on Toni. Toni, who protests against this idea at first finally agrees in exchange for Lorenz finding her someone worth marrying. Lorenz and Toni gradually fall in love in the process.