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Gota or Gøta or Göta may refer to:


  • Gota Yashiki (born 1962), both an independent acid jazz artist and drum/bass player, as a member of the band Simply Red



  • Gota Cola, a three piece band from Brisbane made up of Tylea, Lexie and Skritch. In 1998 Gota Cola released a self-titled EP through Valve. Their debut album, "Guaranteed Rustless", was produced by Magoo and was released in 2001
  • Göta Lejon, a theatre in Stockholm, Sweden, located in Södermalm
  • Göta Ljungberg (1898–1955), major Swedish Wagnerian soprano of the 1920s who sang throughout American and Europe and left an important recorded legacy
  • Göta Luftvärnskårs minnesmedalj, a commemorative medal of the former Göta Air Defense Regiment. The regiment was merged with the Luftvärnsregementet of the Swedish Armed Forces in 2000
  • Göta Pettersson (1926–1993), Swedish gymnast and Olympic champion
  • Göta älvbron, a bascule bridge in central Gothenburg, Sweden, carrying normal road vehicles and trams
  • Göta artilleriregemente, a Swedish Army artillery regiment that traced its origins back to the 17th century. It was disbanded in 1962. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from Götaland, and it was also garrisoned there
  • Göta highway, an ancient road between Stockholm and the south of Sweden
  • Gota ingenjorbataljon
  • Gota signalbataljon
  • GÍ Gøta, a former football club based in Gøta, in the Faroe Islands

Other uses[edit]

  • GoTa, "Global Open Trunking Architecture" a cellular-based digital trunking system
  • Gota, a type of Indian embroidery
  • Gota, a tasty digestive mixture of saunf, coconut and other spices
  • GoTA Game Of Thrones Ascent, Online MMORPG made by Disruptor Beam