Gotham Road

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Gotham Road
Origin New Jersey, USA
Genres Heavy metal
Horror punk
Years active


2008, 2009, 2014 (reunions)
Labels None
Associated acts Graves, Misfits, Mister Monster, The Banner
Members Michale Graves
JV Bastard
Paul Lifeless

Gotham Road (or Gotham Rd.) is a band formed after the demise of the band Graves by Michale Graves, Loki, JV Bastard and Paul Lifeless.


The band formed under the assumed name of Graves and recorded a demo in 2002 which was essentially rerecorded Graves songs with a heavier musical element. In 2003 the band went on to change their name to Gotham Road and went on to record the "Seasons of the Witch" EP which contained five new songs as well as two reworked Graves songs. The band went on tour to support the EP in 2003 known as the "Seasons of the Witch" tour and in 2004 recorded a three song demo and thus departed on their 60 city "Mourning Light Tour," during which the band was denied entry to Canada and had to cancel subsequent shows. The band had also booked a European tour which they had to cancel due to venues backing out according to Graves due to his outspoken Conservative views.

The band would go on to play numerous shows and in December 2004 played a farewell show before Michale's departure for the marines. Michale was then approached by Horror High Records to record a solo album, the subsequent album Punk Rock Is Dead featured Paul Lifeless on drums. Michale was later honorably discharged from the marines due to a back injury, and embarked on a tour to promote his new album that featured the members of Gotham Road as his backing band as well as openers Trashlight Vision. Few one-off Gotham Road shows followed.


The band has, as of late, been on indefinite hiatus as each of the members have all gone on to different projects. Michale has continued on with his solo efforts, taking JV Bastard along as a touring bassist for his solo band; Paul Lifeless went on to work with Know Your Enemy and currently Mister Monster as well as The Banner; Loki and JV Bastard recently formed The Doomsday Prophecy, a metal band which has been developing a cult following in the NY/NJ area.


On April 12, 2008, Gotham Rd reunited for one show in Belmar, New Jersey. The band also re-released their CD Seasons of the Witch through MP3 download, replete with 8 bonus tracks. The band also contributed two songs to the German compilation Get acquainted Vol. 1.[1]

The latest word is that due to Paul's obligation to his successful hardcore band The Banner he will not rejoin the band in the immediate future. Paul currently plays in the punk/surf band, Killed by the Bull from North Jersey which also features ex-members of the Banner as well as Captives and Distance. On December 31, 2009, Gotham Rd played a show at Dingbatz and then again on January 4, 2014 as part of a benefit show for a friend of the bands.


2003 - Untitled Five Song Demo

Untitled Three Song Demo (2004)

  • Seasons of the Witch (2008) - internet only LP
  • Sampler: Get acquainted Vol. 1 (2008) (including "On my Way" and "Say something")
  • Sampler: Get acquainted Vol. 2 (2009) (including "All the Cars" and "You awful me")
  • Sampler: The Sound of Horror Vol. 1 (2010) (including "On my Way")


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