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Gotska Sandön National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
GotskaSandon EastSide.jpg
The eastern coast, as seen from the lighthouse.
Location Gotland County, Sweden
Nearest city Fårösund, Gotland Municipality
Coordinates 58°22′N 19°15′E / 58.367°N 19.250°E / 58.367; 19.250Coordinates: 58°22′N 19°15′E / 58.367°N 19.250°E / 58.367; 19.250
Area 44.9 km2 (17.3 sq mi), of which 8.42 km2 (3.25 sq mi) are water.[1]
Established 1909, extended in 1963 and 1988[1]
Governing body Naturvårdsverket
Gotska Sandön is located in Sweden
Gotska Sandön
Gotska Sandön
Location of Gotska Sandön in Sweden

Gotska Sandön is an uninhabited Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, situated some 38 kilometres north of Fårö. It is approximately 9 kilometres long and 6 kilometres wide, and its area is approximately 36 km².

Gotska Sandön is mostly composed of sand, and its scenery is dominated by beaches, dunes, and pine forests. The name "Gotska Sandön" literally translates as the Gotlandic Sand Island, from the province of which it forms part. Since 1909, it is one of the National parks of Sweden. Apart from a colony of grey seals, the higher fauna is not very rich. However, there are many rare insects and plants e.g. Kashubian vetch, including several kinds of orchids. During the summer, there are regular boat tours from Fårö Island and Nynäshamn on the mainland.



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