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The Goud are an Indian caste.


They were originally engaged in the manufacture and sale of spirits and liquors.[1] They also may have been Ayurveda doctors and farmers. The Goud community originally thrived near the Godavari River whose trade of living on palm tree products. This included toddy tapped from coconut and other palm trees.[2]

Goundala groups used titles such as Goud, Ayya or Appa.[1] The internal structure of the caste comprises six endogamous groups: Deva Goundala, Shetti Goundala, Mashti Goundala, Goundala, Idiga, and Laguwad.[1]


The Goud caste celebrates the Bonalu festival of Katamiyya (Kanta Maheshwara) and Yellamma.[3]


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