Gouina Falls

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Coordinates: 14°0′54″N 11°6′09″W / 14.01500°N 11.10250°W / 14.01500; -11.10250 The Gouina Falls or Chutes de Gouina are on the Sénégal River in Mali between the towns of Bafoulabé (upstream) and Diamou (downstream) in the Kayes Region, where the river runs north from the Talari Gorges. They have been called the "Niagara falls of Mali".[1] The river is about 500 m wide at this point, and drops 16 m over the falls. The volume of water is 12-13  m3 per second in the dry season, and up to 2430 m3 in the rainy season.[2]

The government of Mali is investigating the possibility of developing the electric power potential of the Senegal River: the smaller Félou Falls downstream and the Gouina Falls have the power potential of 100MW.[3]


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