Gourits River

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Gourits River (Rio das Vaccas (river of herdsmen))
Gouritz River, Gouritsrivier
Bridge Gouritsrivier.JPG
The Gourits River's triple bridges near Albertinia, Western Cape
Name origin: Origin uncertain; perhaps from the word "dirty" in the Griqua language
Nickname: Die Mond
Country South Africa
Province Western Cape Province
Source confluence Gamka (W)
 - elevation 516 m (1,693 ft)
 - coordinates 33°40′57″S 21°42′58″E / 33.68250°S 21.71611°E / -33.68250; 21.71611
Mouth Gourits Estuary
 - location Indian Ocean, Near Gouritsmond
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 34°20′47″S 21°53′08″E / 34.34639°S 21.88556°E / -34.34639; 21.88556Coordinates: 34°20′47″S 21°53′08″E / 34.34639°S 21.88556°E / -34.34639; 21.88556
Length 416 km (258 mi)
Basin 45,715 km2 (17,651 sq mi)
Location of the Gourits River mouth

Gourits River (Afrikaans: Gouritsrivier), sometimes spelled 'Gouritz River', is situated in the Western Cape, South Africa.[1]

The Gourits River flows from the confluence of the Gamka River and Olifants River and is joined by the Groot River, before flowing through the Langeberg Mountains and coastal plain. It eventually drains into the sea through the Gourits Estuary near Gouritsmond.[2]

A sandbank blocks the mouth of the Gourits River at the Gourits Estuary

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