Government High School, Uditnagar, Rourkela

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Govt. Highschool Uditnagar, Rourkela, Odisha, India

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Service Before Self
Odisha, India
Type Co-Aid,Govt.High School
Established 1954
School district Sundergarh
Principal Prof.S. N. Nayak[1]
Staff 80
Number of students 790
Classes class I to class X
Campus Uditnagar, Rourkela
Affiliation Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, HSC

Govt. Highschool Uditnagar, Rourkela is one of the oldest high schools in Rourkela which was established in 1954 as a private school but in 1955, the school was granted 'B' class Govt. Institution status. The School is affiliated to Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, (HSC) recognized under State Govt. of Odisha Education.

General information[edit]

Govt High School came into forefront as a non-profit making body. It was established in the year 1954 at Uditnagar, Rourkela. The school commitment to an integrated education system was appraisal, the mission of the school was to enhance learning among the Indian youth. School followed school in rapid succession, and today the school has grown into a nucleus school with 48 schools under it. The school has been set up by the govt. of Odisha, after having acquired the land and designing the construction, the Satellite or the associated schools are those which have been established across the city Rourkela in collaboration with certain Public Sector Undertakings.

Courses offered[edit]

The school offers primary, middle & secondary education.With Classes I to X. The School prepares the students for HSC examinations for Board of Secondary Education, Odisha.


This is the only old government high school in Rourkela sub division having NCC troop bearing Registration number 232[clarification needed] under 9 Odisha branch NCCs, under Sambalpur group HQ.[2]


The school is situated in the area of Uditnagar near Municipal College, in the city of Rourkela.


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