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The Naalakkersuisut is the Government of Greenland, who are responsible for the administration of the Greenlandic Self-Government. The members of the government are appointed by the Prime Minister but are formally approved by the 31 members of the Inatsisartut (Parliament). The members of the Naalakkersuisut do not have to be elected officials.

Naalakkersuisut 2013[edit]

The most recent parliamentary elections were held on March 12, 2013, and Aleqa Hammond, leader of the Siumut party, was designated as Prime Minister by a coalition of the parties Siumut, Partii Inuit, and Atassut.

Members of the Naalakkersuisut (Ministers)[edit]

The Naalakkersuisut is divided into a number of areas of responsibility each lead by a naalakkersuisoq with powers corresponding to that of a minister or secretary of government. The current naalakkersuisut are:

Primeminister and minister of foreign affairs: Aleqa Hammond, Siumut


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