Government of the 4th National Assembly for Wales

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Government of the 1st (1999)
Government of the 2nd (2003)
Government of the 3rd (2007)
Government of the 4th (2011)

The 4th National Assembly for Wales convened after the 2011 election. The Assembly first met on 11 May when Rosemary Butler was appointed as the Presiding Officer.

Second Jones government[edit]

The second Jones government (11 May 2011– date) is a Labour minority government.

Having won the largest number of seats in the general election - 30 out of 60 - the Labour party sought to form a minority government. Carwyn Jones was re-elected First Minister in May 2011.


Office Name Term Party Image
First Minister Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM 2011– Labour Carwyn Jones 2011.jpg
Minister for Finance

Leader of the House

Jane Hutt AM 2011– Labour Jane Hutt.jpg
Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology & Science Edwina Hart AM 2011– Labour Edwina Hart.jpg
Minister for Education and Skills Leighton Andrews AM 2011– Labour Leighton Andrews.jpg
Minister for Environment & Sustainable Development John Griffiths AM 2011– Labour John Griffiths.jpg
Minister for Health and Social Services Lesley Griffiths AM 2011– Labour Lesley Griffiths.jpg
Minister for Housing, Regeneration & Heritage Huw Lewis AM 2011– Labour Huw Lewis.jpg
Minister for Local Government & Communities Carl Sargeant AM 2011– Labour Carl Sargeant.jpg
Office holders given special provisions to attend Cabinet
Chief Whip Janice Gregory AM 2011– Labour Janice Gregory.jpg
Counsel General for Wales Theodore Huckle QC 2011– Labour Theodore Huckle QC.jpeg

Junior Ministers[edit]

Office Name Term Party Image
Deputy Minister for Children & Social Services Gwenda Thomas AM 2011– Labour Gwenda Thomas.jpg
Deputy Minister for Skills Jeff Cuthbert AM 2011– Labour Jeffrey Cuthbert.jpg
Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries & European Programmes Alun Davies AM 2011– Labour Alun Davies.jpg

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