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Kodama Gentaro, Governor-General of Taiwan from 1898 to 1906

The position of Governor–General of Taiwan Taiwan Sōtoku (臺灣總督?) existed when Taiwan (then known in English as Formosa) and the Pescadores were part of the Empire of Japan, from 1895 to 1945.

The Japanese Governors-General were members of the Diet, civilian officials, Japanese nobles or generals. They exercised their power on behalf of the Sovereign of Taiwan (the Emperor of Japan) until the dissolution of the Empire when the dominion was ceded to the Republic of China.[1]

No. Name Kanji Origin Title Start Date End Date
1 Kabayama Sukenori 樺山 資紀 Admiral (Imperial Japanese Navy) Viscount May 21, 1895 June 1896
2 Katsura Tarō 桂 太郎 Lieutenant General (Imperial Japanese Army) Viscount June 2, 1896 October 1896
3 Nogi Maresuke 乃木 希典 Lieutenant General (Imperial Japanese Army) Baron October 14, 1896 January 1898
4 Kodama Gentarō 兒玉 源太郎 Lieutenant General (Imperial Japanese Army) Baron February 26, 1898 April 1906
5 Sakuma Samata 佐久間 左馬太 General (Imperial Japanese Army) Viscount April 15, 1906 May 1915
6 Andō Teibi 安東 貞美 General (Imperial Japanese Army) Baron May 1, 1915-51 June 1918
7 Akashi Motojiro 明石 元二郎 Lieutenant General (Imperial Japanese Army) June 1918 November 1919
8 Den Kenjirō 田 健治郎 Member of Terauchi Cabinet Baron October 31, 1919 September 1923
9 Uchida Kakichi 內田 嘉吉 Member of House of Peers September 6, 1923 September 1924
10 Izawa Takio 伊澤 多喜男 Member of House of Peers September 1, 1924 July 1926
11 Kamiyama Mitsunoshin 上山 滿之進 literary figure July 16, 1926 June 1928
12 Kawamura Takeji 川村竹治 Member of House of Peers June 16, 1928 July 1929
13 Ishizuka Eizō 石塚英藏 Member of House of Peers July 30, 1929 January 1931
14 Ōta Masahiro 太田 政弘 Director of Kwantung Leased Territory January 16, 1931 March 1932
15 Minami Hiroshi 南 弘 Member of House of Peers March 2, 1932 May 1932
16 Nakagawa Kenzō 中川 健蔵 Undersecretary of Education May 27, 1932 September 1936
17 Kobayashi Seizō 小林 躋造 Admiral (Imperial Japanese Navy) June 1936 November 1940
18 Hasegawa Kiyoshi 長谷川 清 Admiral (Imperial Japanese Navy) December 16, 1940 December 1944
19 Andō Rikichi 安藤 利吉 General (Imperial Japanese Army) February 1944 October 1945

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