Governor General's Award for English-language poetry

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This is a list of recipients and nominees of the Governor General's Awards award for English-language poetry. The award was created in 1981 when the Governor General's Award for English language poetry or drama was divided.[1]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Year Winner Nominated
1981 Blue ribbon F.R. Scott, The Collected Poems of F.R. Scott
1982 Blue ribbon Phyllis Webb, The Vision Tree: Selected Poems
1983 Blue ribbon David Donnell, Settlements
1984 Blue ribbon Paulette Jiles, Celestial Navigation
1985 Blue ribbon Fred Wah, Waiting for Saskatchewan
1986 Blue ribbon Al Purdy, The Collected Poems of Al Purdy
1987 Blue ribbon Gwendolyn MacEwen, Afterworlds
1988 Blue ribbon Erin Mouré, Furious
1989 Blue ribbon Heather Spears, The Word for Sand
1990 Blue ribbon Margaret Avison, No Time
1991 Blue ribbon Don McKay, Night Field
1992 Blue ribbon Lorna Crozier, Inventing the Hawk
1993 Blue ribbon Don Coles, Forests of the Medieval World
1994 Blue ribbon Robert Hilles, Cantos from a Small Room
1995 Blue ribbon Anne Szumigalski, Voice
1996 Blue ribbon E. D. Blodgett, Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano
1997 Blue ribbon Dionne Brand, Land to Light On
1998 Blue ribbon Stephanie Bolster, White Stone: The Alice Poems
1999 Blue ribbon Jan Zwicky, Songs for Relinquishing the Earth
2000 Blue ribbon Don McKay, Another Gravity
2001 Blue ribbon George Elliott Clarke, Execution Poems
2002 Blue ribbon Roy Miki, Surrender
2003 Blue ribbon Tim Lilburn, Kill-site
2004 Blue ribbon Roo Borson, Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida
2005 Blue ribbon Anne Compton, processional
2006 Blue ribbon John Pass, Stumbling in the Bloom
2007 Blue ribbon Don Domanski, All Our Wonder Unavenged
2008 Blue ribbon Jacob Scheier, More to Keep Us Warm
2009 Blue ribbon David Zieroth, The Fly in Autumn
2010 Blue ribbon Richard Greene, Boxing the Compass
2011 Blue ribbon Phil Hall, Killdeer
2012 Blue ribbon Julie Bruck, Monkey Ranch
2013[2] Blue ribbon Katherena Vermette, North End Love Songs[3]
2014[3] Blue ribbon Arleen Paré, Lake of Two Mountains