Governor of Formosa

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Governor of Formosa
Gouverneur van Formosa
Flag of the Dutch East India Company.svg
Residence Fort Zeelandia
Tayouan, Formosa
Appointer Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies
Inaugural holder Marten Sonk
Formation 1624
Fort Zeelandia, residence of the Governors of Formosa, Taiwan.

The Governor of Formosa (Dutch: Gouverneur van Formosa; Chinese: 台灣長官) was the head of government during the Dutch colonial period in Taiwan, which lasted from 1624 to 1662. Appointed by the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia (modern-day Jakarta, Indonesia), the Governor of Formosa was empowered to legislate, collect taxes, wage war and declare peace on behalf of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and therefore by extension the Dutch state.

The Governor's residence was in Fort Zeelandia on Tayouan (then an island, now the Anping District of Tainan City).

List of Governors[edit]

There were a total of twelve Governors during the Dutch colonial era.[1] The man sometimes claimed as the thirteenth, Harmen Klenck van Odessen, was appointed by VOC Governor-General Joan Maetsuycker only to arrive off the coast of Tayouan during the Siege of Fort Zeelandia. Klenck refused to go ashore to take up his post despite being urged to by Frederick Coyett, the incumbent Governor, and finally left without ever setting foot on Formosa.[1]

Governor Term
Marten Sonk 1624–16251
Gerard Frederikszoon de With 1625–1627
Pieter Nuyts 1627–1629
Hans Putmans 1629–1636
Johan van der Burg 1636–16401
Paulus Traudenius 1640–1643
Maximilian le Maire 1643–1644
François Caron 1644–1646
Pieter Anthoniszoon Overtwater 1646–1649
Nicolas Verburg 1649–1653
Cornelis Caesar 1653–1656
Frederick Coyett 1656–1662
1. ^ Died in office

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