Governorates of the Palestinian National Authority

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Governorates of the Palestinian authority

After the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip were divided into three areas (Area A, Area B, and Area C) and 16 governorates under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian National Authority.[citation needed] Since 2007, there were two governments claiming to be the legitimate government of the Palestinian National Authority, one based in the West Bank and one based in the Gaza Strip. From 2013, the Palestinian National Authority completed transformation into the State of Palestine.

Name Population
Area (km2) density
West Bank 2,790,300 5,671 493.42
Gaza Strip 1,760,000 360 4,821.92
Total 4,550,400 6,020 755.88

West Bank[edit]

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West Bank Governorates
Governorate[2] Population[2] Area (km2)[2]
Jenin Governorate 551,200 583
Tubas Governorate 106,600 372
Tulkarm Governorate 250,000 239
Nablus Governorate 888,000 592
Qalqilya Governorate 150,000 164
Salfit Governorate 94,600 191
Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate 590,200 844
Jericho Governorate 146,700 608
Jerusalem Governorate
(including Israeli annexed East Jerusalem)
489,300 344
Bethlehem Governorate 274,100 644
Hebron Governorate 1020,400 1,060
Total 4,558,200 5,671

Gaza Strip[edit]

Gaza Strip Governorates
Governorate[2] Population[2] Area (km2)[2]
North Gaza Governorate 309,400 61
Gaza Governorate 951,800 70
Deir al-Balah Governorate 230,700 56
Khan Yunis Governorate 351,100 108
Rafah Governorate 295,600 65
Total 2,136,700 360

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