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Gr8 Designs for Gr8 Girls is a program founded by Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto Professor Michelle Craig to support the women in computing initiative.[1] Gr8 Designs offers students the opportunity to learn about computer science with exciting and creative activities. Professors, graduate, and undergraduate students work with the Grade 8 girls to develop computer science skills and create projects of their own.


Michelle Craig reviewed a number of middle school yearbooks, specifically the grade 8 girl’s section of future aspirations and noticed that very few of the young women aspired to a career in science but often listed careers that could be connected to this field such as design. Craig describes the purpose of the program as “Lots of girls write off computer science (CS) or math before they get to high school so we want to catch them before that point because we believe that they (grade 8 girls) would like CS if they were exposed to it earlier."

Participating Universities[edit]

In the spring of 2010 Gr8 Designs for Gr8 Girls will be held at four different University departments:[2]


Gr8 Designs for Gr8 Girls is supported by NSERC's PromoScience program.[3][4]


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