Grace Around the World

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Grace Around the World
Video by Jeff Buckley
Released June 2, 2009
Recorded November 8, 1994 - July 9, 1995
London, England
Frankfurt, Germany
Tokyo, Japan
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Belfort, France
New York, New York, USA
Genre Rock
Label Columbia
Producer Mary Guibert (Executive)
Tony Faske

Grace Around the World is a DVD/CD by Jeff Buckley compiling live, international performances from his album, Grace. It was released in two packages. The Standard Edition includes a live DVD and an accompanying CD counterpart. The Deluxe Edition (limited edition) includes a bonus DVD of the documentary, Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley.

Track listing[edit]

  • Disc One DVD: Grace Around the World
  1. "Grace" (BBC Late Show, London, 1/17/95)
  2. "So Real" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  3. "Mojo Pin" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  4. "What Will You Say" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  5. "Hallelujah" (MTV Japan, Tokyo, 1/31/95)
  6. "Dream Brother" (Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, 12/2/94)
  7. "Eternal Life" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  8. "Last Goodbye" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  9. "Lover, You Should've Come Over" (JBTV, Chicago, 11/8/94)
  10. "Lilac Wine" (MTV Europe, Eurockéennes Festival, Belfort, 7/9/95)

Bonus features[edit]

  1. "Grace" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York, 1/15/95)
  2. "So Real" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York, 1/15/95)
  3. "Last Goodbye" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York, 1/15/95)
  4. "Vancouver" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  5. "Hallelujah" (music video)
  6. "Star Tours" (VH1, Naked Café Behind The Scenes Piece, 1/9/95)
  7. "Merri Cyr Bus Interview" (spring 1995)
  • Disc Two CD: Grace Around the World (Same performances as Disc One but audio only)
  • Disc Three DVD: Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley (Deluxe Edition only)