Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies

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The Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies University of California, San Diego
UCSD IRPS Logo.png
Motto "Shaping the Pacific Century"
Established 1987
Type Public
Parent institution UC San Diego
Dean Peter Cowhey
Students 205
Location La Jolla, California, USA
32°53′04″N 117°14′28″W / 32.884355°N 117.241149°W / 32.884355; -117.241149Coordinates: 32°53′04″N 117°14′28″W / 32.884355°N 117.241149°W / 32.884355; -117.241149
Affiliations APSIA

The Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS), at the University of California, San Diego, is devoted to the study of international affairs, economics, and policy education. Its research and education focus is the Pacific Region. It stands as the only professional school of international affairs that is exclusively focused on Asia and the Americas.

IR/PS provides a unique resource for training leaders, creating ideas, and building networks for the Pacific Century. The curriculum blends a mix of three professional school traditions-schools of international relations, public policy, and management. Interdisciplinary yet integrated curricula prepare students to perform with distinction in senior policy positions in the public and non-profit sectors, as well as in the top management of multinational firms and financial institutions.

IR/PS is a full member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs.[1] Foreign Policy magazine's 2012 Ivory Tower rankings of the top international affairs schools placed UCSD at 7th, 15th and 20th worldwide for its PhD, master's and bachelor's programs, respectively.[2]

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