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Graham Johnson, born 4 May 1968, is an author and investigative journalist who has contributed to a variety of publications including News of the World, Sunday Mirror, The Observer, Vice, The Guardian and Liverpool Echo. He often publishes crime stories under several different bylines. He has appeared on Sky and BBC as a crime pundit and reporter. He has also made documentaries for Sky, Panorama and Germany's ARD. For Vice, Johnson has produced two documentaries: Fraud and The Debt Collector which are based on his own investigations. The Debt Collector was based on his books The Cartel and Young Blood. He worked at the Sunday Mirror from 1997 to 2005 and for six years was the newspaper's Investigations Editor. He has been a finalist for "Reporter of the Year" three times and been described in parliament as an "investigative reporter supreme". Johnson has covered stories including drug dealing in Britain, people smuggling in Europe, child slavery in India and Pakistan, and war in the Balkans. To research his debut novel, Johnson spent several years on and off embedded with some of Britain's most notorious gangs. He currently lives in London. His books have been published by Mainstream Publishing and Simon and Schuster and his literary agent is Jon Elek at AP Watt.


Non-fiction (true crime)

  • Powder Wars (2004)
  • Druglord (2005)
  • Football and Gangsters (2006)
  • The Devil (2007)
  • Darkness Descending (2009)
  • Hack (2012)
  • The Cartel (2012)
  • Young Blood (2013)


  • Soljas (2010)
  • Gang War (2011)


  • Author's Questionnaire completed by Graham Johnson (courtesy of his publisher)
  • Title Information Sheets of his books (courtesy of his publisher)