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Gramsci Melodic is an alternative rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA.[1]

Gramsci Melodic performing at Diesel (Pittsburgh, PA) 9-13-2008

The band was started in 2006 by singer/guitarist Martin Rubeo. Other members include Joel York (synthesizers/programming), Sean Rayl (drums), Greg Haduch (keyboards), and Tony Willoe (bass/vocals). In 2009, Eric Granata started to perform at some shows with the band, playing guitar and percussion.

The band won the 2008 Joker Productions Rock Off and recorded its first full length album with Grammy Award winning producers at Audible Images. The band features guitar, bass, piano, drums, and synthesizers. The band was ranked as Pittsburgh's #2 Best Underground Band and #3 Best Rock Band by The Pittsburgh City Paper in 2008.[2] In 2009, Gramsci Melodic was named #3 Best Rock Band by The Pittsburgh City Paper.[3]

The band released its self-titled, debut album in June, 2009.[4]

Their music has been described as "simple and upbeat rock," "driving synth rock," "'70s funk" with "eclectronica," and similar to Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, and Weezer.[5]

Gramsci Melodic is known to travel with its own mascot, a dancing character with an oversized green head.[5]

About the name[edit]

The name is pronounced, "GROM-SHE". The band is named[6] after Italian philosopher, Antonio Gramsci.[1] Rubeo is said to "like to drop knowledge on radical cultural theory in his spare time,"[6] thus providing insight into the origin of the band's name.


Founder, Martin Rubeo is a native of the Pittsburgh suburb of Peters Township and an alumnus of Bucknell University (class of 2001) where he was a student of post-minimalist composer, William Duckworth.[7] In addition to studying music, Rubeo also received his undergraduate degree in Political Science.[8] He also is a certified high school history teacher.[9]

Joel York, who plays and programs synthesizers for the band, is originally from Bradford, United Kingdom.[10] The other four members are all natives of Pittsburgh.[10]

Stephen Dusenberry, who played drums for the band on 2011, is a graduate of Berklee School of Music.

Rubeo is the primary composer and lyricist for the band, although each member adapts his own part.[11]

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