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Granåsen Skijump Arena.JPG
City or Town Trondheim
Country Norway
Opened 1940
Renovated 1995
Expanded 2008
K-spot K-90
Hill size HS105
Hill record Normal hill: Sara Takanashi
(105.0 m in 2013)
Large hill: Daiki Ito
(141.0 m in 2012)
World Championships World Ski Championships 1997

Granåsen is a ski jumping hill, located in Granåsen skicenter in Trondheim, Norway. The hill frequently hosts World Cup and Continental Cup competitions arranged by FIS. The hill sports one K-90 hill and one K-124 hill.

Before the 2008/2009 season the hill was improved, and the K-spot is now located at 124 meters while the hill size has been increased to 140 meters.[1] The hill record belongs to Vegard Sklett, who jumped 145 m in January 2009 during a Norwegian domestic competition.[2]

The record for longest jump in a World Cup event is shared by Gregor Schlierenzauer and Simon Ammann who both jumped 140 meters at Granåsen in December 2008.


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Coordinates: 63°22′39″N 10°18′33″E / 63.37750°N 10.30917°E / 63.37750; 10.30917