Grand Boulevard (Kansas City, Missouri)

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Grand Boulevard or Grand Avenue is a north/south street in Kansas City, Missouri. Grand runs along the 200 east block in the Kansas City street grid system (2 blocks east of Main Street). In the Downtown and Crown Center areas of Kansas City it is an arterial route, continuing on the north as the Grand Ave. Viaduct passing through Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park and on the south intersecting with Main Street at about the 2800 South Block.

The street was renamed Grand Boulevard of the Americas from 3rd Street to 22nd Street in honor of the Organization of American States.[1]

In some areas of the city, streets running along the same gridline are known as Warwick Boulevard. Between 60th and 65th, Grand is called Morningside Lane. Then, it joins Rockhill to Gregory. South of 83rd street, Grand is not a through street but appears erratically as the name of various culs-de-sac.



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