Grand Boulevard (St. Louis)

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A stretch of Grand Boulevard between I-44 and St. Louis University Medical Center visible here in the background

Grand Boulevard is a major, seven to five lane wide, north-south thoroughfare running through the center of St. Louis, Missouri. Grand runs north through Carondolet Park in the south of St. Louis to the Mississippi River north of McKinley Bridge, about midway between Forest Park and the Mississippi River. Neighborhoods it runs through include Dutchtown, Tower Grove East, Tower Grove South, Compton Heights, the Tiffany neighborhood, Midtown, Jef-Vander-Lou, Fairground, and College Hill.

Mass-transit connections[edit]

Tower Grove Park is a refreshing oasis on Grand

Grand Boulevard connects with the St. Louis Metrolink light rail service at Grand Station. The station was closed in spring 2011 due to demolition and replacement of the viaduct on Grand spanning the Metrolink tracks, industrial train tracks, and an industrial park. The project is expected to take 18-24 months and will include the replacement of the Grand Avenue station. As of August 20, 2012, the new larger metro and bus station and viaduct with wider pedestrian sidewalks is open.

Grand also has the 70 Grand MetroBus, the busiest bus route in the metropolitan area.[1] The route number, 70, comes from a previous streetcar line with that number that operated on track in the center lane of Grand Boulevard.

Places on Grand Boulevard[edit]

The national landmark Compton Hill Reservoir Water tower is in a park along Grand Boulevard

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