Grand Carousel

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Grand Carousel

The Grand Carousel (referred to simply as the Merry-Go-Round) was built in 1926 for the Philadelphia sesquicentennial by William H. Dentzel. Finished too late for the sesquicentennial it was installed at Kennywood Park in 1927. A Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Historic Landmark the Grand Carousel is Kennywood's third and largest carousel.

The music on the Carousel is provided by a 1916 Wurlitzer Military Band Organ, Style #153 (one of the oldest Wurlitzer 153s in existence). It is a 4-abreast carousel (meaning that it has four rows of animals), travels in a counter-clockwise direction, with over 1,500 lights decorating the ride. The two notable non-horse animals featured on the ride are the tiger and the lion. These two non-horse animals qualify this carousel as a menagerie carousel. It is one of three rides at Kennywood with a ride start/stop bell that dates back to the origin of the ride.


Both the carousel and band organ were restored in the winter of 1975-76 for the 1976 season, the carousel was restored again in winter 2005-06, and the band organ in winter of 2010-11 for the 2011 season.


Coordinates: 40°20′52″N 75°01′57″W / 40.3477°N 75.0326°W / 40.3477; -75.0326