Grand Case

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Grand Case
Grand Case is located in Saint-Martin
Grand Case
Grand Case
Coordinates: 18°06′04″N 63°03′07″W / 18.10111°N 63.05194°W / 18.10111; -63.05194Coordinates: 18°06′04″N 63°03′07″W / 18.10111°N 63.05194°W / 18.10111; -63.05194
Country France
Overseas collectivity Saint Martin

Grand Case is a small town on the French side of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. It lies on the Anguilla Channel, on the west coast of the island.

The town has a long sandy beach. It is well known for its many restaurants and beach bars.[1]

Grand Case Beach, a long, narrow ribbon right in the middle of Grand Case, is a small, pleasant beach that can get crowded on weekends but has none of Orient Beach's carnival-like atmosphere.

The waters are very calm, so swimming is good -- although it's become a popular parking spot for visiting boats. A large section of the water has been roped off for kids to swim in safely. Unparalleled dining choices along the Caribbean's "Restaurant Row" run from lolos (essentially barbecue shacks) to gourmet bistros. Watch the sun set over the beach with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hands.

Considered the restaurant capital of the Caribbean, Grand-Case features more than two dozen eateries on its mile-long main street. The town’s low-slung Creole architecture evokes the feel of France’s other New World possessions, such as New Orleans. [2]

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L'Espérance Airport is adjacent to the town.