Grand Jump

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Grand Jump
Editor Shueisha
Categories Salaryman, Seinen manga
Frequency Biweekly
Publisher Shueisha
First issue 2011
Company Shueisha
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Grand Jump is a Japanese seinen manga anthology published by Shueisha under the Jump line of magazines.


The magazine debuted in late 2011 as the merger of the discontinued "salaryman" magazines Business Jump and Super Jump. Grand Jump's audience are typically young male executives and office employees in their twenties. Grand Jump is published biweekly in a black and white saddle-stapled format, each issue running about 300 pages. The initial series at launch included 8 serializations carried over from Business Jump as well as 3 from Super Jump, with several new titles beginning. A monthly sister magazine called Grand Jump Premium was also launched, serializing the remaining Business Jump and Super Jump series.

Certain manga, such as Amai Siekatsu and Uramiya Honpo Reboot, were rebranded as Amai Siekatsu: Second Season and Uramiya Honpo Revenge. A few titles, including Mankitsu and Kei Toume's Sing Yesterday for Me, only appear in the magazine monthly.

After appearing only in the first issue, cooking manga Dashi Master was put on indefinite hiatus as Shueisha began investigating claims that the manga had plagiarized images of food found on Google Images.

A recent sequel to Motomiya Hiroshi's Ore no Sora was also carried over from Business Jump, and ended in Grand Jump in early Spring of 2012. In early summer of the same year, the magazine began serializing another title of Hiroshi's, his fourth installment in the Otokogi series.

Starting around issue 13 of 2012, My Night is as Beautiful as your Noon, one of the series launched with the start of the magazine, was moved from the magazine to join a group of several titles serialized exclusively online through Grand Jump's website.

Grand Jump has published several oneshots, including two spinoffs of famed artist Go Nagai's Cutie Honey. It is also home to the latest series by renowned seinen mangaka Toshiki Yui, Saikin kono sekai wa watashi dali no mono ni narimashita….

In February of 2013, the magazine began moving several popular titles from Grand Jump Premium to Grand Jump. One Grand Jump series, Get Big Money, was moved to Premium.

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