Grand National Night

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Grand National Night
Nigel Patrick.jpg
Nigel Patrick and Beatrice Campbell in the film.
Directed by Bob McNaught
Produced by Phil C. Samuel
Starring Nigel Patrick
Moira Lister
Beatrice Campbell
Music by John Greenwood
Cinematography Jack Asher
Edited by Anne V. Coates
Release dates
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Grand National Night is a 1953 British thriller brought to the screen by George Minter under the production of Phil C. Samuel from a play by Campbell and Dorothy Christie. It was directed by Bob McNaught and starred Nigel Patrick, Moira Lister and Beatrice Campbell (Patrick's wife) with support from Michael Hordern, Noel Purcell and a cameo role from Colin Gordon. Cinematography was by Jack Asher. Previous to this film version Grand National Night had been presented as a BBC Radio serial as well as a stage play. [1]


Racehorse trainer Gerald Coates (Nigel Patrick) kills his wife Babs (Moira Lister) during an argument.[2]



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