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Grand Production
Founded 3 December 1998 as Grand Production (previously known as ZaM/Zabava miliona)
Founder Saša Popović and Lepa Brena
Genre Folk, pop-folk, turbo-folk, techno, dance, electronic, pop
Country of origin Serbia
Location Belgrade
Official website Grand

Grand Production (formerly ZaM/Zabava miliona, occasionally referred to in the local languages as Grand Produkcija[1]) is a Serbian record label and production company. Registered as a limited liability company,[2] it is owned and operated by Saša Popović and Lepa Brena. It is home to some of the best selling Balkans folk, pop-folk, and turbo-folk artists. Lepa Brena is landlady[clarification needed] Grand Productions.

The label also produces a massively popular weekly television variety show Grand parada, which airs on Serbian RTV Pink network, as well its subsidiaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (Pink BH and Pink M, respectively) and all over world (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia - Pink Plus). The show serves as showcase for Grand Production's artists.

They organize a Grand Festival.

TV shows[edit]

Since the company's inception 1998 year, up to 2014. the Grand production tv show were shown on television Pink, when it was established cable and satellite Grand National Television. From September 2014. most popular shows are shown on national television and in First Serbian television for the field Serbia, OBN television for the field Bosnia and Herzegovina, First television for the field Montenegro and TV Kanal 5 for the field Macedonia .

The most famous Grand production emissions:




Some of the artists previously and currently signed to Grand, include:

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