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Grand World Scenic Park (Chinese: 世界大觀) is a park located at Dongpu, Tianhe District at the outskirts of Guangzhou.


The park covers a total area of 710,000 sqm. The total investment in the park is about 56.7 million yuan.[1]

Worker relations[edit]

Since 2005 four fights have been reported by Guangzhou police between the amusement park and Yongshida workers. The disputes involve contracts, power supplies, and dormitories.[2] On April 7, 2009, 40 men rampaged through the park destroying equipment and attacking workers with fishing forks, sticks, knives, iron bars and guns.[2] Six security guards were hurt, including one who was shot. Police arrested 13 people in connection with the attack and seized 16 suspects in Guangdong province.[2]

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