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Grandfather may also refer to a grandfather clause or to one's parent's father (a male grandparent).

Grandpa is a fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, about a mischievous old man with a beard (although he did not appear to be anybody's actual grandfather, as such). It started in issue 680, dated 30 July 1955, and was originally drawn by Ken Reid. It re-appeared in The Beano in the early 1970s, drawn by Robert Nixon for the first few years, after which Jimmy Glen was the artist until the strip ended in 1984.

Robert Nixon and Jimmy Glenn both brought a charm to their version's of Grandpa but they never had the detailed style of Ken Reid.

Some of the stories involved his dad, an even older man with a longer beard. Despite their advanced ages, they enjoyed a father-son relationship similar to that of Dennis the Menace and his dad; a typical story would involve Grandpa getting involved in some kind of mischief, being caught by his father and ending up getting a spanking. In a June 1956 strip, Grandpa was revealed to have been born in 1874, making his age 82.

Currently in The Beano, Grandpa is a "Funsize Funnie" drawn by Steve Beckett