Grandview, Manitoba

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Country CanadaCanada
Province  Manitoba
 • Total 1,153.4 km2 (445.3 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 649
 • Density 0.6/km2 (2/sq mi)
 • Change 2006-11 Decrease11.8%
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC−6)

Grandview is a town in Manitoba, Canada. It is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Grandview. It is located forty-five kilometers west of the city of Dauphin.

The town of approximately eight hundred people was named for the beautiful views of both the Duck Mountains to the north and the Riding Mountains to the south. The main access to the town is Provincial Highway 5. Grandview railway station is served by Via Rail.

The local economy is agriculturally based. However, at one time a thriving economy was also based on a local wood mill.


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Coordinates: 51°10′27″N 100°41′52″W / 51.17417°N 100.69778°W / 51.17417; -100.69778

[citation needed]

The Grandview Exponent (Area newspaper first eddition 3/7/1901) Has the name of the town as Grand View (two words) until 11/19/1902 When the paper started using one word for the town name on its front page. Changing the Masthead on 6/19/1903 to Grandview Exponent.