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3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway
Grandview Triangle
The 3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway as seen from the east, on the Hillcrest Road bridge over I-470, before US-71 South was upgraded to Interstate 49.
Kansas City, Missouri
Roads at

US 50

US 71
Maintained by: Missouri Department of Transportation

The 3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway is the official name for a highway interchange in south Kansas City, Missouri that was once considered one of Missouri's most congested locations.[1][2][3] From the nickname Grandview Triangle, it may be assumed to be located in Grandview, Missouri, but it is actually north of Grandview, still within the limits of Kansas City. After several years of reconstruction, the interchange itself is largely congestion free during non-peak hours despite the high traffic on the highways approaching the interchange. During rush-hour moderate to major delays and numerous accidents are reported.

The name "Three Trails Crossing" refers to the Santa Fe, Oregon and California Trails that cross there.[4] It is a major interchange of five major highways in the Kansas City area: I-49, I-435, I-470, US 50, and US 71.

I-49/US-71 brings in traffic from the southeastern suburbs of the Kansas City area in Jackson and Cass counties. I-49 ends at the triangle, but the road continues northwest into Kansas City as US-71. The I-49 designation went into effect in December 2012.

I-435 is a beltway around the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

I-470 is a major traffic corridor that connects Southern Kansas City to the suburbs of Eastern Jackson County, mainly Lee's Summit, Missouri.

US-50 is duplexed with I-435 entering the Triangle, and joins with I-470 at Exit 71A.

The 3-Trails Crossing currently handles approximately 250,000 vehicles per day. Now that the reconstruction is completed, the interchange should be able to accommodate more than 400,000 vehicles per day.

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Coordinates: 38°56′07″N 94°31′56″W / 38.93524°N 94.53220°W / 38.93524; -94.53220