Granite Flats

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Granite Flats
Granite flats season2.jpg
Starring Jonathan Morgan Heit
Annie Tedesco
Richard Gunn
Charlie Plummer
Malia Tyler
Opening theme "The End of the World"
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 16
Producer(s) Derek Marquis
Jeff T. Miller
Scott Swofford
Terri Pappas
Jared Shores
Location(s) Salt Lake County and Utah County, Utah
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel BYUtv
Original run April 7, 2013 – present
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Granite Flats is BYUtv's first original scripted television drama series. The show is set in a small Colorado town in the early 1960s during the Cold War, and follows several of the town's citizens as mysterious and potentially dangerous circumstances arise.[1] The series received positive reviews from national critics.[2][3] The cast is joined by actors Christopher Lloyd[4] and Cary Elwes for its second season, that premiered April 6, 2014.[5][6] It has an audience of approximately 500,000 households per episode.[7]


  • Richard Gunn plays the chief of police John Sanders, a man who's serious about his job and doesn't give up easily to bring justice to Granite Flats.
  • Charlie Plummer plays Timmy Sanders, the police chief's son who gets excited about solving mysteries.
  • Annie Tedesco plays Beth Milligan, a young mother who moves to Granite Flats with her son Arthur after the death of her husband.
  • Jonathan Morgan Heit plays Arthur Milligan, the new kid in town, who quickly forms a friendship with Timmy Sanders and Madeline Andrews.
  • Malia Tyler plays Madeline Andrews, an intelligent girl of Korean descent, friend of Timmy and Arthur.
  • Scott Christopher plays Lt. Frank Quincy, an officer whose prolonged stay at the army hospital piques Beth's curiosity.
  • Christopher Lloyd plays Professor Stanfield Hargraves, a smart and teasing English teacher with a specialty in Shakespeare.
  • Cary Elwes plays Hugh Ashmead, a CIA counter-intelligence officer who threatens to take over Project Madman for his own purposes. In real life, the name "Ashmead" was the cover name for James Angleton who headed the CIA's counterintelligence program during the era the show is set.[6]

Season 2013 episodes[edit]

Episode No. Title Date First Aired Description
1 Pilot 7 April 2013 Arthur Milligan and his mother, Beth, move to Granite Flats, Colorado, where they hope to find peace and quiet in the midst of the Cold War. An explosion rocks the local army base.
2 Empty Box 7 April 2013 The base explosion causes a Red Scare, and Arthur and his new friends begin investigating those who may have been involved.
3 A Secret to the Heart Nearest 15 April 2013 Arthur and his friends Tim and Madeline look deeper into the town's mysteries.
4 Talking 22 April 2013 Beth tries to connect with her son, Arthur, who has built a metal detector with his friends to help them investigate.
5 Bonds 29 April 2013 Friendships are tested after a failed class project, Beth investigates her patient's strange behavior and Police Chief Sanders struggles to balance his work with family life.
6 Reassembly 6 May 2013 Arthur and his friends look for more mysteries to solve. John, the police chief, works with the FBI.
7 The Wrong Man 13 May 2013 Frank asks for Beth's help to prove his sanity. Hershel receives visitors while incarcerated.
8 Something Dangerous 20 May 2013 The children of the town prepare for the science fair. John works to free an innocent man. Arthur, Timmy and Madeline work to form an official detective agency and encounter a dangerous mystery.

Season 2014 episodes[edit]

Episode No. Title Date First Aired Description
1 Children of Darkness, Children of Light 6 April 2014 Chief Sanders and Agent Scott investigate citizens whose loyalties are questionable, the young detectives are still curious about the coded message they found, and at the hospital, experiments reveal a patient's past.
2 Boundaries 13 April 2014 The three sleuths argue about getting involved with the FBI investigation. Beth is concerned about Frank and the hospital experiments. Wallace is caught in the middle when Regina and Hershel argue about what's best for him.
3 From Whose Bourn No Traveler Returns 20 April 2014 Timmy, Arthur, and Madeline make a dangerous discovery, right under the nose of the FBI. While they investigate, Granite Flats is in an uproar - chaos breaks out at the hospital and Chief Sanders races to apprehend a suspect.
4 Also Be the Consolation 27 April 2014 Everyone tries to deal with the loss of a friend, and sorting it out reveals vulnerabilities: Regina keeps reflecting on better days, John can't seem to live with himself, and even Hershel struggles to deal with the tragedy.
5 Put Away Childish Things 4 May 2014 The kids' new English teacher (Christopher Lloyd) has a way of making Hamlet applicable to life in Granite Flats. Some citizens are unsettled when a CIA agent arrives (Cary Elwes). And Arthur's detective work reaches a new level.
6 The Stories We Tell...... 11 May 2014 Ashmead stirs up confusion and danger when he meddles in the Andrews' personal and professional lives, and Chief Sanders recruits a new deputy with somewhat surprising results.
7 Cor Unum, Corambis 18 May 2014 Arthur continues his investigation alone and finds a resonant soul in Whittison. Hargraves counsels Timmy on romance. And Hershel becomes the bait in a dangerous trap.
8 Project Madman 25 May 2014 In the dramatic season finale, crisis is the watchword. Beth, Whittison, and the Andrews turn the tables on Ashmead. Timmy and Madeline find what everyone has been pursuing. And Professor Hargraves may not be what he seems.

Season 2015[edit]

  • BYUtv announced on July 16, 2014, that Granite Flats will return for its third season in April of 2015. [8]
  • Season Three began filming on Monday, September 22, 2014.


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