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Coordinates: 40°41′55″N 111°52′35″W / 40.69861°N 111.87639°W / 40.69861; -111.87639 Granite High School was a public high school located at 3305 South 500 East in South Salt Lake, Utah. Granite opened in 1906. The first LDS seminary opened across the street from the school in 1912. In 2005-2006, the enrollment was 1250, but was reduced as the school transformed into an "academy" format. The academies within the school include the Young Parent program for teenage parents with children and the ESL program for new immigrants and refugees.

The decision to change from a traditional high school caused some controversy in the local community because it coincided with the removal of all the school's sports programs, many of which had been played for nearly a century. The removal of sports led to increased transfers to outlying schools among the student body at that time.

Granite High belonged to the Granite School District. The mascot is the Granite Mighty Farmer.

At the end of the 2009 school year, the school was closed. A final open house was held on July 3, 2009.

It is currently shut-down

Notable alumni[edit]

School song[edit]

Song of the "G"

When sight and sound of the campus
Fade in the long, busy years
Yet will return in our memories
Echoes of old songs and cheers.
You, of the field, track and diamond, 
Fighters for clean victory,
You who love the fair, square sport,
You'll hear the song of the "G".
Go it Granite, go it Granite
Hear the battle cry;
Go it Granite, go it Granite
Yours 'til we die.
She will remember, you'll not forget her
Though you are far away
She is calling, calling to you ever
Honor the grand old "G"!

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