Granville Technology Group

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Granville Technology Group
Former type Retailer
Fate Administration
Defunct 2005
Number of locations 300 (at peak)
Key people Tahir Mohsan
Notice of closure on the door of a Computer Shop outlet after Granville Technology Group went bankrupt.

Granville Technology Group Ltd was a British computer retailer and manufacturer based in Simonstone, near Burnley, Lancashire marketing its products under the Time, Tiny, Colossus and MJN brands.[1] It sold mainly through mail-order, though late in its life added a chain of shops in the UK that traded as The Computer Shop and rapidly grew to over 300 stores.[2]


Formerly known as Time Group, The Company was founded in 1994 by Tahir Mohsan.[3][4] The manufacturing unit was located in Time Technology Park in Lancashire. The company produced retailer owned brand of computers along with its own brand, Time Computers.[5] It was one of the largest computer maker of UK[6] in 2003 with £207 million in revenue and sold nearly 20 million personal computers.[4]

The company went into receivership at the end of July 2005, due to the fall in demand for personal computers. At that time it employed 1,600 people and was one of the largest retailers of computers in Britain,[7] which were produced by the Time Factory located at the same site.

Time UK Factory[edit]

This was the main supplier for Granville Technology and was the actual manufacturer of products re-sold by Granville - Computers, Notebooks and Flat Screen TVs.[1] The company is continuing to support consumers that purchased Time products from Granville Technology Group Ltd.[6] The Time brand is currently licensed to Time UK.


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